How to Create a Professional WordPress Website from Scratch

If you are a complete beginner and want to build your website from scratch like professionals then we have got you covered.

Uzma Nazir

A certified copywriter and an SEO Blog Post writer who is on a mission to spark your business, enchant your audience and bring in more leads through writing a meaningful and problem solving content.

  • Oct 06, 2022
Even without having any background knowledge of coding you can easily build your own website through word press.
Once you master how to create a professional WordPress website from scratch then you will enjoy the whole process of building your website and taking it further.

Benefits to build and design your website on your own

Believe me! It is a very important skill to build and design your website as an industry or a business owner or even when you just want to make a WordPress blog. By creating your own WordPress website you will get many benefits. A few of them are as:
  • Making your own website would save you a lot of money without giving it to professionals
  • You do not need to search for website developers and designers
  • Without consulting any programmer you can easily add new features and templates by following the market trends
  • You will be able to save your time and manage your website yourself
Before going into further detail let me first tell you why WordPress? And not any other website builder or CMS.
WordPress is an open-source content management system you can easily modify and customize per your requirements
  • It is user-friendly and very convenient to use even by non-professionals.
  • No knowledge of coding is required
  • Budget-friendly
  • Variety of available templates
  • Different themes as well as plugins
  • Easy to rank as compared to other CMSs
Whatever the purpose of building a website is, you can make an eCommerce store, a portfolio website, a small or large-scale business website, or just write blogs or a marketing website for your services or products. More than 44pc of websites are WordPress based.

WordPress is a free resource to build your professional website.
You need to follow some important steps for making your professional website:
  1. Finalize your niche if it’s not a business website
  2. Select the proper plan for WordPress
  3. Efficient selection of proper domain name and buying your hosting
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Choose a theme
  6. Make administrative pages
  7. Add some website content
  8. Install plugins
  9. Check for the website speed (optimization)
  10. WordPress website marketing
  11. Backup your website

Difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

Before moving ahead, another important factor to consider is the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. Never take these two as the same things.


WordPress.org hosts your website itself. Therefore, giving you the full freedom to customize and change your website design all by yourself.
It is recommended for professionals, as they have knowledge about WordPress and they can handle all the things themselves from customizing the website to optimizing it.


Contrary to wordpress.org, wordpress.com does not let you do changes to your web design by yourself. Instead, wordpress.com manages your website with its hosting itself.

If you just started to build your website on your own as a newbie then I would recommend you to use wordpress.com as it takes care of your website itself without letting you do much.

Let’s start our WordPress website-building journey now. Follow all of the given steps one by one and create your professional website within no time by giving your full attention for an hour or even less.

1- Finalize your niche if it’s not a business website

If you do not have a business or you are not making an eCommerce shop or store then obviously you need a proper topic to get started with your own website building. Hence, it is crucial to select a proper topic before going into further detail about making a WordPress website.

However, a particular topic for your website on which your whole concept of the website is based is known as the ‘niche of your website. And while selecting a niche of your site never forget to go through the different steps:

Check the competition of the niche if there is already a huge number of websites in that niche then it wouldn’t be a good choice to go with that niche. Only pick the niche with high demand but less competition which means that there is not enough detail available about that topic online, or there are not enough sites on that particular niche.
  • Do you take interest in this niche that you are going to select? 
  • Would you enjoy working in this niche? If yes, then always go for the niche that you really like.
  • Does this niche contain enough topics to write about?
  • Would it be profitable in the long run or not?
  • If it is an affiliate website then does it contain enough products with enough commission?
Check for the problems and solutions of your audience by knowing your audience well and giving them maximum solutions in your website content.

2- Select the proper plan for WordPress

Being a newbie, wordpress.com would be the best choice as a WordPress website builder to create your website from scratch.
It offers you five different purchasing plans ranging from free to eCommerce.

These plans are:
  1. Free
  2. Personal-5$
  3. Premium-8$
  4. Business-25$
  5. eCommerce-45$
A major difference among all of these plans is:
  • The subscription fee is on a monthly basis.
  • Site customization
  • Marketing tools

3- Efficient selection of proper domain name and buying your hosting

While creating your website, selecting a domain name, and getting your website hosting to go side by side.
Before getting into further detail let me clarify to you about hosting and a domain name.

Website Hosting

Just like a place or home you need to live in, your website also needs a platform or a place on the internet to keep its data somewhere that is its web hosting. A website host stores all of your website data and files safely in it.
Hosting would cost you from 10$ a month or a little above.

Website domain

Just consider it as your home or mailing address. Obviously, if someone wants to meet you or send you any document then your home or mailing address is needed.

Similarly, your domain name is your special website address that people type to find your website on the internet. It looks like www.xyz.com. For example www.google.com. Therefore, be very wise when you pick a domain name.
  • It should be the same as your niche or at least co-relate with your main niche
  • Easy for users to remember
  • Do proper keyword research as well

Bluehost website builder

Let’s keep things simple and not complicate them. For that, it is user-friendly to buy hosting and domain from the same WordPress website builder company as Blue host, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

We are going to discuss Bluehost and it is recommended to buy your domain name and hosting from this company and set up your website in a go.

It is also recommended by WordPress as an official hosting company. And most surprisingly it is among one of the largest companies which provide hosting services to its users and with amazing discounts too.

Why Bluehost?


  • It ensures you run and optimize your website without any issues and hiccups.
  • It is WordPress compatible
  • Works in partnership with WordPress
  • It doesn’t cost you too much but only 2 to 3 dollars a month
  • It gives you a free domain name
  • It is user-friendly and easy to learn and work on.
  • If you are ready to set up your WordPress website then visit bluehost.com and avail its amazing offers for its WordPress users right now.

Bluehost is offering:

Free Domain
Free SSL Certificate
WordPress Installs (1 click)
24/7 customer support
Money back guarantee

So what is stopping you from moving ahead? Go on. It’s really an amazing offer. Follow all the steps attentively given on the Bluehost website and complete your buying process. Enjoy a user-friendly experience through Bluehost website builder and WordPress website setup.

4- Install WordPress

Now the next step after buying your hosting and selecting your web domain is:

Installing WordPress

As you signed up for Bluehost and got a proper setup for hosting, now you need to install WordPress. Bluehost has launched an amazing feature of installing WordPress just with one click from your blue host account. How great it is for non-technical enthusiasts to set up their new site just from the beginning.

Just log in to your blue host account and it will show you a setup wizard for installing WordPress all with one click. On the other hand, you can install WordPress by clicking the ‘my site’ option on your Bluehost account and going to the ‘create site’ option.

You can create even a number of websites through this ‘my sites’ option. For installing WordPress Bluehost will ask for your website name and its password for managing the website. After you have completed the installation process, your new website is good to go now.

Done with the installation process? Let’s step ahead
Isn’t it easy throughout? Of course, Yes!!!

5- Choose a theme

Now it’s time to design your website theme. It is how your website looks like i.e., visual appearance. WordPress offers you interchangeable designs-you can change a design or theme anytime you want. Themes just change the appearance of your website and not the content.

Interestingly, a variety of free and paid WordPress themes are available and you can design your website looks based on its main purpose-eCommerce website, selling your services or some quality products, marketing your business, educating others, or starting a blog. All of the WordPress themes are professionally designed. Show your creativity by selecting a synchronized theme with the main concept of your site.

For example, if this is an educational website then you should select a proper theme showing your intellectuals and if it is about gardening or a plantation niche then how should it be? Having this background knowledge also matters a lot. You should follow a proper color scheme to attract your visitors and grab the interest of your audience.

To change the theme from basic to any of your likings you need to click on the ‘appearance’ button on the wp-admin page and jump to themes and click the ‘add a new option. Now the next page will land you on a variety of themes and you can select any from this theme directory.

However, if you want a unique customized theme for your website then you can use Elementor or SeedProd builder. It’s all about you!
Now, after finalizing your theme you simply need to click the ‘install’ button, and your theme is all set–up.

6- Make administrative pages

Another important step is setting up administrative pages. The homepage is the main page of your website which contains links to the administrative pages.

Contact information, about us, disclaimer, and privacy pages are some of the important administrative pages. Henceforth, it is not a thumb rule to set these pages right after selecting your theme. You can add them later on after adding some interesting content to your website.

You can create a one-page as well as a multiple pages website all by WordPress builder. The one-page website is full of continuous information just on a single page. Users can easily find all the data here without worrying about landing on other pages. Whereas mostly we find websites with multiple pages, and all pages are set with different information.

7- Add some website content

Adding content to your site is the most important and interesting step. It is better to say that it serves the sole purpose of making your website.

Adding content refers to posts and pages on WordPress websites. For showcasing your portfolio or writing blogs you make use of the ‘post’ and it appears as a dynamic page. It places content in chronological order (new at the top and older below).

Whereas, pages are mostly static and attract most business owners as it contains all of the necessary information of the website including administrative pages.

Whether you want to publish a post or set a page, just visit the dashboard of your WordPress and navigate through the options of pages and posts.

Moreover, you can promote your website by writing informative blog posts and sharing them with others. You can sell your services, and products and do marketing through WordPress blogs.

8- Install plugins

Whatever features and widgets you see on a website are a gift of WordPress plugins. Plugins enhance your website functionality as well as provide a better user experience.

In short, plugins are the actual software of your website that make it functional and let you add a number of essential features appropriate for your website and make it audience-friendly as well.

As a newbie, you do not need to use as many plugins but mastering WordPress and using it extensively will make you familiar with most of the amazing plugins and their benefits.

To your surprise, over 59000 plugins are provided by WordPress and even for free. But some third-party developers also sell paid plugins.
Yoast SEO, Jetpack, tablepress, weglot, and The Events Calendar are some of the most important and commonly used plugins.

Are you thinking that it is difficult to install plugins??? No, no, it is very simple and easy. You simply need to login into your WordPress. On the dashboard, find the option of plugins and navigate through it.

9- Check for the website speed (optimization)

You would never like to frustrate your website audience because of slow speed. Therefore, website performance with optimized speed matters a lot. Enable browser caching of your site for optimal speed through caching plugin (WP rocket).

10- WordPress website marketing

For maximum traffic and bringing your site up front, you are required to follow a two-step process.
First, do proper SEO and second is backlinking and guest posting.

11- Backup your website

Last but not the least, never forget to back up your website. As it will save your data and all the effort you put into writing blogs or any other data. Snapshot pro plugin does this backing up job of your site.

How much does it cost to make a WordPress website?
The cost of making your own WordPress website totally depends upon your choice and you decide as per your requirements and budget.

It may cost you from nothing to as much as you can easily invest.

You are advised to start with a free plan if you just thought about making a website without knowing how to develop it further or whether you will build it yourself or need any help from professionals.

Obviously, free resources do not give us enough to design a website as per our choices and needs. Therefore, if you are looking to build a business website or a website with proper hosting then you need to purchase different hosting plans based on annual or 4 years subscription plans. It will cost you from as little as 35$ per year or even less to 200$ or more a year. You can also subscribe for a 4-year plan.

So, the price solely depends upon the available investment you have for your website or how much you actually want to spend. And it is not just hosting that needs you to spend money but a domain name and some templates or themes also cost you money.

As far as a domain name is concerned then it costs you from 15$ per year to even free of cost. Some hosting companies provide domain names for free with their hosting plans. These hosting companies are HostGator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, and GreenGeeks among many others.


I hope that this content would bring incredible value to your life and that now you are confident enough to build and design your own professional WordPress website all by yourself without hiring any expert or professional.

Building an eCommerce website, blogging website, services website, business website, or any website of your interest or niche is very convenient and budget-friendly through a WordPress website developer.

And once you are done with the development and design process then it is easy to explore all the available templates and customize themes and other widgets on your website and you can easily take it further through proper SEO and marketing tools. To know more about SEO and other related topics keep on visiting our blog and equipping your minds with highly informative and life-changing content.

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Uzma Nazir

A certified copywriter and an SEO Blog Post writer who is on a mission to spark your business, enchant your audience and bring in more leads through writing a meaningful and problem solving content.


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