How to practice WordPress without Domain and Hosting?

If you are a student or beginner and don’t want to spend money on buying a domain and hosting a WordPress blog, Using Bitnami, you can create a WordPress website without a domain and hosting.

Umair Javed

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  • Mar 22, 2023

Many websites offer free domains but they force you to buy hosting plans and if you are a student, you have the choice to pay $0 for practicing a fully functional WordPress website.

Can we get free hosting?

Yes, we can definitely get free hosting offered by a number of companies out there. But the drawback is that the speed of hosting is very slow and your files are insecure.
Some of the best Free Hosting Companies are as follows

Bitnami: Packaged Applications for Any Platform

It’s an all-in-one package for WordPress, you can download and install it directly to use WordPress instantly. You don’t have to install all components one by one, instead bitnami single software will do this job effectively.

Download for Windows

How to install Bitnami WordPress Software?

You can easily download Bitnami WordPress Software by clicking the Download button above. After downloading, just follow the steps below to get your setup running.

Step 1: Launching the Setup

When you will click NEXT it will show you a screen where you have to select WordPress and PHP MyAdmin. After checking both options, click NEXT.

Step 2: Selecting the installation directory

You will see a file directory path on which Bitnami WordPress will be installed and all of its components will be stored. You can click on the folder icon and change the location as you want.

Step 3: Configuring the Admin Panel Details

This step is important, so make sure you enter your Name, email address, Login (username), and password. Also don’t forget to confirm your password, after entering all details, click NEXT.

Step 4: Naming your first WordPress Blog

Just Enter the name of your blog or website you want to create.

In the next step, you can skip receiving emails from WordPress or other promotional websites. If you want to receive updates and marketing emails, you can check the email section.

Step 5: Install the Btnami WordPress Module

Now we are all set and will start the installation of the module. Click on install and it will start to configure all components automatically.

The application will start installing, just wait until it completes unpacking, installing, and configuring all of its modules one by one. Meanwhile, you can read other posts on our blog HERE.

Horray! Our installation is now complete and ready to use. Just we have to access the local host and start editing our very first blog right from our computer. Just click on Finish and your application will launch automatically in the default browser.

Step 6: Accessing our WordPress Dashboard

It should launch a page like shown below to access the dashboard, if not, just go to the link http://localhost or http://localhost:8080 and hit enter.

To access your blog, just click Access WordPress and you will see the new blog that you have just created. I know this looks very terrible but we can customize the look or apply an entirely new theme to make it better.

To access your WordPress Dashboard, click on the top right corner, on your blog name, and click Dashboard. You will see your control panel on the website. Here you can configure, add, modify, or delete anything about your website.


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