GTA V – Beginner Guide 101

GTA V Guide 101
GTA V Guide 101

Rockstars Games launched the action-adventure GTA series in 1997, which has seen massive success. Although GTA has several editions, GTA V has dominated the most among gaming enthusiasts. The story revolves around three protagonists, a street gangster, a retired bank robber, and a drug dealer who attempt various heists under the direction of criminal and influential agencies in the fictional state of San Andreas.

The player traverses different routes on foot or by vehicle accomplishing various missions and objectives. GTA 5 is a premium game; however, there are some tricks to play it for free.

Downloading GTA 5 On Different Interfaces

The main reason for the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto V is its compatibility with various interfaces. You can download it on PCs, Smart TVs, mobile phones, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.


Epic games GTA 5 is not cheap or available for free. However, there are several pirated and inexpensive sources. Here is the legit way to get it for your PC.

  1. Navigate to the Epic Games website and log in to your account.
  2. Access the store and add the game to it (your account).
  3. Clear the payment to list the game in your library.
  4. From your account’s library, you can download it.

If you want to try out a differently-themed GTA, there are several GTA5 mods available as well. However, ensure scanning the files before installation.


To download GTA 5 on your PlayStation:

  1. Visit the PS store and purchase the game.
  2. Once the payment is completed, the game will show in your Game Library.
  3. Go to the Game library and use the download button to download the game.

Similarly, for an Xbox console, access the game store and purchase the game. You can download it using the download button or other similar options and then install it.


Games like GTA require a lot of disk space. Fortunately, playing heavier games on mobile devices is also possible. However, the methods vary from time to time. You can find APKs on various websites or download a game launcher from the Google Play Store to play GTA V online.

Playing Controls of GTA5

GTA 5 has virtually similar controls to its predecessors. But, if it’s your first Grand Theft gameplay, it is best to go through the in-game tutorials. Initial tutorials are comprehensive enough and teach you about all the basic controls and operations in the game.

The controls differ based on the playing device. So, you can consult the internet to learn about the controls of your interface.

Player Movement

For PCs, the WSAD keys handle the walking movements of the character. In contrast, the left stick moves the player on a console. To change the viewing angle, use the console’s right stick to perform this operation.

Switching Character

GTA5 has three characters, and switching your player after some time adds a new spark to your gameplay.

Access the character menu by long-pressing the down button on your directional pad. Now, use the left stick to choose your character. On a PC, long-pressing the ALT key opens the character menu. You can then use the mouse to select the character.

Using Weapons

Here are some basic commands for using weapons. However, you will understand more when you play around and accomplish different missions.

Weapons are accessible through the weapon wheel. On PC, use the Tab key to open it and then use the mouse to choose a gun. Use the key L1 on a PlayStation and LB on an Xbox to open the weapon wheel and select a weapon using the left stick.

You can aim your weapon on a PC with the right mouse button. The PS and Xbox consoles use L2 and LT keys, respectively. Pressing the left mouse button fires the gun. However, PlayStation and Xbox use the R2 and RT keys.

Packages in GTA

Another primary concern of GTA players is the hidden packages on the map. You can find them at the expense of your research or watch some online walkthroughs. Various stores also sell GTA 5 packages.

Features of GTA5

Radio Station

Maximizing the music’s volume in a stolen vehicle is one of the best features of GTA 5. The game offers more than 240 licensed tracks from various famous singers like Pam Grier, Kenny Loggins, etc.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode has been a feature in previous GTA editions as well. However, the Multiplayer mode of GTA 5 aces all its predecessors. You can invite your friends or play GTA 5 online with other players from around the globe.

Character Switching

Switching characters spice up the overall gameplay. GTA 5 allows you to take up three different characters for a realistic game experience.

Furthermore, you can customize the character’s appearance to your liking.

Real-Life Activities

Games like GTA have a thing for creating interactive game spaces. Fortunately, the new series, GTA5, follows the tradition and lets you enjoy actual life activities like scuba diving, tennis, and golf playing.

The Bottom Line

GTA 5 is one of the most wanted game series, and it’s no secret why. It provides a vast city map, multiplayer facility, and other interactive features to upscale your gameplay. The game has the perfect blend of easy and difficult missions for beginners and veteran players. The similarity of controls with the previous editions allows the players to switch quickly.

GTA 5 is not a free game for PCs and consoles. However, you can play GTA online for free on mobile devices via third-party game launchers.

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